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Wine Labels

Pontiglio:Kakotrigis 100%

Its name comes from the difficulty it has during the harvest, as its stem is hard. But everything shows that is a multi- dynamic variety. That is, it can give different results with a different vinification method or a different harvest time. However, it is certain that it is a very sensitive variety, from the vine to the wine produced. Completing another remarkable product of the Greek vineyard. Dry white wine. Green – yellow highlights. Fine scent of lemon blossoms. Full body. Long aftertaste. Served at 12-13 C. Goes well with fish, seafood, lean meat, not heavily cooked food. 

Price: 10€

Lianoroido:Kakotrigis 100%

The traditional character of kakotrygis unfolds from the ancient technique vinification. The juice contact with the bream for 28 hours before fermentation gives it yellow – orange hue and the yeasts necessary for a successful wild fermentation. Unfiltered with low sulphites. Lianoroido is its traditional name bad harvest in South Corfu. This wine is unique as it has never been vinifield before in the variety.

Price: 15€

Valonisa:Skopelitiko 100%

Its name comes from our most historic vine.Dry rose wine.Rose color with a fruity aroma. Culinary wine with fine aftertaste and aging potential. Goes best with pasta, molluscs cooked in red sauce, cheeses and lean meat.

Price: 11€

Butiero:Skopelitiko 100%

Its names comes from the old name of the profession of barrel marker. Dry red wine. Intense deep vibrant color unique floral aroma with cheery and red fruits, rich tannins. Its 12- month stay in oak barrels gives it a full body and a very unique taste. It goes well with traditional Corfu dishes sush as pastitsada, burdeto, sofrito and charcuterie.

Price: 13€


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